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Bottom freezer fridges - Making freezer meals - Built in fridge freezers

Bottom Freezer Fridges

bottom freezer fridges

bottom freezer fridges - Whynter FM-85G

Whynter FM-85G 85-Quart Portable Refrigerator/Freezer, Platinum

Whynter FM-85G 85-Quart Portable Refrigerator/Freezer, Platinum

This Whynter Portable Fridge/Freezer offers premium quality and innovative design to your frozen and refrigerated needs. This freezer is great for RVs, boats, campsites and fishing trips and truly portable so you can take your fridge or freezer anywhere. All you need is either a standard household 110 Volt outlet or a 12 Volt power source, like an automotive battery. Whether on a day trip or major expedition, you can easily keep your food and beverages chilled, or frozen with this benchtop freezer. The Whynter portable freezers should not to be confused with less effective 12 volt novelty and beverage type "coolers". The Whynter portable freezer fridge is a true freezer/refrigerator which cools between -8°F to 50°F. A cost effective and mobile solution for your recreational and critical freezing requirements.

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lovin the new fridge

lovin the new fridge

Doug: "Just try one that has the freezer on the bottom. You might like it."

Me: "I'll hate it. I know I'll hate it."

Doug: "But if you hate it, we're selling this house in a couple years, so it won't matter."

Me: "OK."

(three days pass)

Me: "I love this fridge. I LOVE THIS FRIDGE."

Pull-out bottom freezer

Pull-out bottom freezer

and TONS of fingerprints! Ours will be bisque not black, so hoping it won't show the fingerprints and bully personalizations so much

bottom freezer fridges

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