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Old refrigerator pictures. Refrigeration solenoid valve

Old Refrigerator Pictures

old refrigerator pictures

Middleton Barn

Middleton Barn

If you view my pictures pretty regularly then you know by now that I have a creek where I take my dogs to run. Well across the road from the entry to said creek is just the glimpse of a barn in the trees. If you have read my profile my first draw to photography is a passion for old barns. My husband happened to be home early yesterday and we decided to take the dogs to the creek. When he saw the barn he asked if I had phtographed it yet. Well there is a private drive that I have to enter in order to gain perspective so, being that it is usually always very early and me being alone as well, I hadn't ventured. So being a prime oppurtunity off we go. My husband being the biggest talker of the two of us jumps out as I pull up the drive with people coming out to see who was there. I grab the camera and he is making introductions. Well as it happens this land has been handed down generation to generation since 1837 in the Middleton family. The house and barn are original. The house has had some additions but still maintains the original structure since the early 1900's when additions were added. You know how when you tend to be around some old places and you get the creeps well not this place at all. It has warmth and charm I hope I captured a bit of. An antique buyer would go wild there!!!!! They are everywhere. Old farm implements an old refrigerator as you see. Tons of stuff. I was welcomed back anytime with a promised tour of thier family cemetary on the place as well as inside tour of the house. I wll definantly be back with notepad ready......VERY COOL!!!!!!!!

chalk magnet board

chalk magnet board

I made this using a huge old picture frame and an old refrigerator door. (The frame is so big that I needed the whole door.)

Painted the frame white and the fridge door with chalkboard paint. This is hanging above my kids' desk and is a great place for us to hang schoolwork and write messages.

Frame (Goodwill): $4
Refrigerator door: free/salvage
Paint: free from my MIL :0)

Total cost: $4!!!

Now to make some fun magnets... they will probably cost more!

old refrigerator pictures

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