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Freezer Mats

freezer mats

freezer mats - Paderno World

Paderno World Cuisine 24 1/2 Inch by 16 3/8 Inch Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat

Paderno World Cuisine 24 1/2 Inch by 16 3/8 Inch Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat

This 24 1/2 long by 16 3/8 wide non-stick silicone baking mat is a pan liner made of food grade woven silicone. It’s thermal shock resistant from -40 degrees F. to 600 degrees F. and is reusable up to 3,000 times. Its ultimate non-stick properties are suitable for sugar, chocolate, viennoiserie and confectioner work, as well as cookies and cakes. It’s preferable to roll the mat rather than to fold it for storage. No greasing or special maintenance is necessary. Clean with a sponge under warm tap water. Do not use on open flame. The non-stick baking mat has a special silicone finish on one side only and therefore does not adhere to a working surface. The baking mat can also be placed directly on an over rack or cooling rack. It is composed of fiberglass fibers and therefore cannot be cut.

79% (13)

Freezer Paper Pattern

Freezer Paper Pattern

Here's the design traced in reverse on freezer paper. (I wonder how much freezer paper is actually sold for storing stuff in the freezer?) The matte (non-waxed) side is much easier to draw on. I've color-coded the three main "zones" of the design -- sky, mountains, foreground. It helps to leave the large sections whole until you're ready to work with them, so you don't have to hunt through dozens of pieces for the one you want. (Ask me how I know this.) I've also numbered each pattern piece and put hash marks at several points on each line, to make it easier to match seams later. I'm indebted to Ruth McDowell ( for that neat trick.

baby play mat

baby play mat

this was one of those projects that just came together without intention. it is pieced with different cottons and a piece of cotton/linen. the back is white waffle and it is all quilted. the apple is a freezer paper stencil. this was the second time i did binding on a project and i enjoyed the practice - it is not as hard as i thought!

freezer mats

freezer mats

Everlast Folding Exercise Mat 72-Inch by 24-Inch (Blue)

The Everlast(r) Folding 2x6 exercise mat is a durable, thick mat that incorporates a foldable design for convenient storage and transportation. The non-absorbent shell is easy to clean for continued use, and sewn-on handles make carrying the mat to and from class a breeze.

With thick padding and tough construction, Everlast's Folding Exercise Mat provides comfort and durability to your at-home exercise regimen. Sit-ups will be a pleasure as you lie back on the non-absorbent shell that is a snap to wipe down after use. The sewn-on handles and fold-up design allows for effortless transport around the house or to the gym, and easy storage under the bed or in a closet.
About Everlast
The name Everlast is synonymous with boxing. Renown internationally as a manufacturer of boxing equipment, Everlast started out as a swimwear manufacturer in 1910. Headquartered in the Bronx, NY, the company was founded by 17-year-old Jacob Golomb. The son of a tailor and an avid swimmer, Jacob Golomb was dissatisfied with the durability of swimsuits because they barely lasted a season, so he began making suits that he guaranteed would last for a full year. He proudly gave them the name, Everlast. Although the swimsuits did not last through the years, the name did.
Over the next years, Golomb expanded his company into a small retail store that carried a full line of sports equipment. In 1917, a young fighter named Jack Dempsey introduced boxing to Golomb and Everlast. Dempsey asked Golomb to construct protective headgear that would last more than 15 rounds of intensive boxing training. Golomb specially designed the training gear for Dempsey. In 1919, Dempsey won the world’s heavyweight championship wearing boxing gloves made for him by Golomb. Everlast became the headquarters for boxing equipment throughout the world. In 1925, Golomb designed elastic-waist trunks to replace the leather-belted trunks then worn by boxers. These trunks, now known as boxer trunks, immediately became famous. Jacob Golomb ran the business until he passed away in the early 1950’s and his son, Dan, took over. In 1958, Ben Nadorf joined Everlast and purchased 50% of the company from the Golomb family. When Dan Golomb passed away in 1995, Nadorf purchased the family’s remaining 50% interest. Nadorf remained the President and Principle Share Holder of Everlast until October 24, 2000.
Everlast men’s and women’s apparel and accessories continue today to be tremendously successful both inside and outside the ring. In addition, Everlast boxing trunks and equipment remain the proud and undefeated champion of the boxing industry for more than 90 years. The history continues, as the name states. Everlast has a traditional past and a knockout future.

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