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Mini Monster Fridge

mini monster fridge

mini monster fridge - Cricut Mini

Cricut Mini Monsters Shapes Cartridge

Cricut Mini Monsters Shapes Cartridge

This shape cartridge contains pumpkins, treats, monsters, creepy spiders, bats, and more for decorating those invitations, cards, and pages for Halloween. Cricut cartridges were designed for the Cricut machine, Cricut Create machine, and the Cricut Expression machine (each sold separately). This package contains 1 cartridge with the capability of 1" to 5-1/2" (Cricut), 1/4" to 11-1/2" (Cricut Create) and 1/4" to 23-1/2" (Cricut Expression), 1 keyboard overlay, 1 instruction booklet, and a storage box.

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LAME! i was at work tonight until 21:30 (FYI i start work at 07:30). this is my bff, the monster copier/printer/faxer/hole puncher/stapler/folder/[insert funny occupation a printer obviously wouldn't have but that i'm too tired to think of]. we spend lots of time killing trees together. and there's my signature if you need it for my identity.

i guess it's my own fault for not being able to keep up with all my shit, but doing my work and jamie's work was hard. whine whine whine. i'm ashamed to say that several of my invoices are late. oh god, it pains me to even type it. i owed at&t $3112. [collapses]

ahem. okay, i think i'm better now. by the way, that was only for three invoices, one of which wasn't even overdue, and one of which was overdue by one day.

you know how when you get behind on things, it all tends to snowball? while i'm at work so many random people ask me questions, or have me do little things, to the point where the end of the day comes and i'm not really sure what i accomplished. it's not always bad, just when i'm behind. tonight it was just gloria and me, and occasionally wayne since he was using the handhelds for an event. it's quiet and cold* and so much more productive.

*most of the people i work with are cold all of the time, due to being old or freaks in general. thankfully, since gloria's surrounded by three monitors, a gigantic tower, and a mini-fridge, she supports my cause to keep the office cold. it's just that much nicer at night when she puts the a/c down in the 60s.

i took this with our new office camera, a nikon d80. i haven't learned how to use it yet. :) in my limited experience the auto focus isn't that great at all.

3/2/09 19:41

Checking on the quantity

Checking on the quantity

Well I decided to check on the Quantity of the Monsters I have remaining for the rest of the week. And it turns out I should have been checking on the Quality of the room I was staying in.

Also for my Quitter friend terra924 Its not a mini bar but its a mini fridge. :)

mini monster fridge

mini monster fridge

Monster THXIMINI8 THX Certified 1/8 Stereo to Stereo RCA Cable Adapter

monster cable
High Performance and Sound

Today's home theater components deliver high performance picture and sound with HD video and surround sound. While the connection between sources such as Blu-Ray and an AV receiver are digital, the connection to the speakers and subwoofers are analog. The high performance of today's technology is wasted if the cable used interferes with the audio as it travels to our ears.

Certified Performance
THX is known as the industry leader in high-quality sound for movie and home theaters, this high quality is maintained through levels of certified multimedia products to large home movie theaters. When you see the THX logo you know that you are guaranteed that you will be getting the best experience possible.
Monster Standard THX brings that high performance to your home theater with cables that are certified by THX to meet the high performance standards of movies and components . With Monster Standard THX you will hear and see all the detail that the director intended, making your home theater experience more enjoyable.

Get The Best Experience
Monster Standard THX delivers the dynamic range and power that make experiencing a movie the best that it can be, allowing you to hear all the audio nuances from a whisper to an explosion that makes movies more exciting. Get the most from your home movie experience with Monster Standard THX.

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